Metora Planet Metaverse Land

Metora Planet, a swift developing habitable planet of the new era, everyone can become a landlord by and developing them however they want.

All constructions on the lands have their own unique function and purpose, which directly link to its respected web 3.0 function and rules. For instance, an arena, playground, casino, hotel, office building, exchange, mall, and bank, all have a respected interoperable function that is either developed or invested by Metora, or provided by other web 3.0 collaborators. These constructions, therefore, have a life and a practical purpose and unify as an open and large planet, truly fulfilling the word Metaverse.

A recap of the key features of the Metora Planet Metaverse Land:


Owners can design and construct according to their imagination and preference.

Diversify Scenario

All lands can be constructed with a series of web 3.0 apps scenarios through building arenas, playgrounds, casinos, hotels, exchanges, malls, banks etc.

Highly Practical

All constructions have respected actual uses and value in different application scenarios, or even rental. Applications can be anything including but not limited to games, social platforms, virtual malls and DeFi related.

Revenue Marketization

The competition for user traffic between lands is market-oriented. The more land that attracts users, the higher the revenue.


The cooperative community can build a completed and closed loop of games, social networking, UGC and digital asset trading scenarios that are tailored only for internal users.

Open Platform

Metora Planet Metaverse Land system is accessible through unified APIs. A "land" of data can be shared and accessed by different applications.

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