DAO Community and Governance

Ideaverse DAO

Ideaverse Games Studio shares Metora’ faith and adopts actual DAO governance, a community-member-owned studio without centralized leadership like no others. The IDV’s DAO is fully empowered to direct the game studio in development, including creating more user-oriented products as well as driving growth in their desired aspects of IDV’s operation.

Governance Token

The Ideaverse DAO Governance Token ($IDVT).

● A studio-wide governance token,

● an in-game and community contribution reward,

● a corporate-level management tool.

Most of the existing DAO governance tokens apply to a single game project, but that doesn’t help connect the dots and certainly does not enrich any GameFi product portfolio.

So Ideaverse Games Studio went steps further. The $IDVT holders can participate in IDV’s business decision-making across all preexisting and future games. Yes, the game studio will not issue any other form of governance token of any kind in the future whatsoever.

The $IDVT empowered the DAO to direct virtually any IDV’s crucial business decisions making, including but not limited to the studio business development, product planning and development, marketing and promotion, game operation, or even income distribution. $IDVT is the governance token in its best form.

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