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Innovative Integrated Revenue Model

P2E is an important feature in IDV's games, players are encouraged with not only one, but numerous ways of earning models just like in the real world. Multiple ways of earning ensure the stability of the IDV economic model and here are the seven natures and their characteristics:
1. Play2Earn
Relatively fixed based on an accurate tokenomics and economics model, a definite number of tokens can be earned in a certain period of time.
2. Lucky Draw
High but random, provided by the prize pools of the platform.
3. Skill
Winning competitive games and winning prizes in bidding competitions.
4. Social
Virtual gifts, props and reward from bounties
5. Land Yielding
Practically, land leasing. Market-oriented income based on competitive mechanisms. Revenue is positively correlated to the land’s visibility and exposure. Landlords compete for user traffic.
6. Land Equity Return
Taxation and transaction fees in general. All players are born on a land, which is the result of the unique invitation code of that particular land. Landlords are lawfully entitled to part of the taxation and fees that are being paid by the players who were born on their land.
7. Profit-sharing
$IDVT profit-sharing. (From traditional game player top-ups and other taxes from platform)