Horde of the Apocalypse

Game Mechanism

HOTA is a real-time SLG siege game that incorporates social-oriented mechanisms.
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    SLG is the core throughout the entire game. Players will find themselves immersed in the HOTA metaverse easier this way. There is only one true mission, to conquer the world. Players explore the planet, exploit resources, expand troops and territories, and ultimately exterminate all rivals to enthrone the Apocalypse Land.
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    Even Achilles didn't take on Troy on his own; the players in HOTA never play alone. Every one is bonded tightly to others by the game mechanism, playing their best role in the clan and challenging others like never. It will light up the players’ interest and passion on the way to their glorious moment in HOTA.
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    As a high-quality GameFi project, HOTA allows players to earn crypto rewards in numerous ways. By completing daily quests, collecting resources, or if you prefer more contacts, PvP and PvE quests, Guild’s task and GvG battles or even participating in all sorts of in-game tournaments and events, players will find HOTA is doing everything it can to enable them to get the most of out the Play-2-Earn system.