Operation Philosophy

Deliver the most entertaining gaming experience

Games are meant to be fun. A game doesn’t get to be the most popular with the best rewards or most intense competition, but it is the strong worldview and the interactions with players that get it there and make it last. IDV wanted the game to have depths and diversity. Then it is in the players’ hands to explore more.

Value traditional players

IDV creates GameFi projects, but just like everyone else in the world, non-blockchain games play a significant part in our life. Therefore, a healthy game ecosystem for everyone is crucial. While traditional players can enjoy the IDV game however they want and build up the community, Play-to-Earn players support the ecosystem with their investment. And IDV makes sure traditional players can keep their playing habits during the process.

Taking traditional players into the GameFi world

Besides attracting traditional players to play the games, IDV sees it as a mission to spread the value of blockchain games to conventional gamers and eventually bring them to the endless possibilities metaverse.

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