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Products Showcase

A two-year product development plan has been laid out. Two products will be launched in 2022, and at least three others in 2023.
Game Title
Genre and Features
Horde of the Apocalypse
Intense SLG + RTS
A blockchain-integrated game that combines real-time strategy (RTS) and simulation (SLG), which also employs a P2E system as well as NFT elements.
Feature Complete (FC) version under internal testing. Beta scheduled in 2022 Q4.
Fortune Heroes: Monopoly
Monopoly-style ADV
Part of the Fortune Heroes game series. A Boardgame type GameFi. Facilitate groups of 2-4 players in the city adventurous themed game with buildings, heroes NFT, and various of exciting game modes.
coming in 2022 Q4
Apocalypse: Run
RPG + Tycoon
Based on the story of HOTA, a management simulation game
scheduled in 2023
Fortune Heroes: Hold’em Poker
The second game of Fortune Heroes, a Texas poker, with multiple game modes and friendly battles. A social and luck-depending game.
Launching in 2023
Fortune Heroes: Fantasy Land
Construction and Management Simulation (CMS) game that based on the Metora Planet Metaverse Land.
NFT element including land, architecture, resource, and have practical uses in the other Fortune Heroes series.
scheduled in 2023