The in-game revenue channel separates into six different sources. Four in which of those are generated by enhanced NFT - Meta Heroes. While their accumulated incomes come in five different types of tokens including $FEC, $IDVT, $BNB, $BUSD and $USDT, players can top-up their account using USD too.

These incomes distribute into three destinations:


80% of all reward token incomes such as $FEC, $FHC etc. will be burnt directly. this process is preset and carried out without further management intervention by neither IDV nor the DAO.

DAO Treasury

A sizable portion of the game income is being allocated to the DAO Treasury. In fact, a part of all income channels is allocated to its reserve. The Community Governance Committee, CGC-led DAO will decide the uses of the reserves. With votes, the CGC will determine its uses which could be anything between burn, buyback, stake rewards, community contributions rewards, or bonuses to tokens holders. Other usages can be marketing campaigns such as giveaways and airdrops.

IDVT Buyback and Burn

When the DAO decided to use its reserve for buybacks, it points at $IDVT. The DAO will use its earned BUSD/BNB to buyback $IDVT, and will have 50% burnt while the rest will enter the DAO reserve again for future uses.

Profit Share

Profit Share to both IDV and Metora has numerous uses, while keeping the game ecology stays at an ever-growing equilibrium is among one of the top priority uses, other such as R&D investment, further recruitment and daily business operation would come from it as well.

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