Financing Fairness

Ideaverse despises financing differentiation. There is enough unfairness in the centralized world; IDV pursues fairness in the metaverse even though perfect fairness seems too ideal to be true.

Let's admit fundraising in the market helps minimize a lot of risks, but that makes the token rewards for investors (like shares for traditional stocks investors) skyrocket, and when these major investors cash out, the risks are all going to the retail investors who entered at the later stage. This is unfair and undesirable. To prevent that, Ideaverse decided to use a flat listing price for everyone, that's private equity firms, retail investors, IDO, community members and even the project's initial investor - Metora. So, no one can take advantage of that.

As an initial stage investor, Metora absorbed most risks for any newcomers. It is known that major game projects can be a burden investment and take time to pay off. However, Metora has already had 7 million USD invested in IDV for research and game development and has promised another 3 million USD minimum for global marketing and promotion on both gaming and investment aspects. Metora also agreed to receive its tokens reward of investment on a two-year linear scale, which guaranteed no sudden major sell-off and demonstrated its confidence in the products. Ideaverse and Metora Believe a fair financing proposal as such is the best that can be offered and will be advocated by the community.

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