Behind the Scenes

The name is Metora.

Metora has its own motto, “Believe the people, invest the community.” As an investor in the para-IT industry, web 3.0, or whatever the form that comes in, is its destiny. Since web 3.0 advocates decentralization, it makes blockchain-based games a very suitable platform. Metora is committed to incubating more game developers like the IDV, and being the top-tier Web3.0 investor and digital-distribution service provider.

Metora saw the uniqueness in traditional game developers - their devotion to gaming quality. Seeing some developers take years to create an everlasting masterpiece, Metora realized this quality-pursual attitude is crucial for delivering fun to the users and keeping their enthusiasm over the years. Therefore, apart from investing directly in blockchain game studios and projects, Metora has always been eager to collaborate with traditional game developers and promised to provide more high-quality games to the world at a sufficiently fast pace, regardless of their geolocation and ethnicity.

If decentralization is a concept, then blockchain is its practice. Like most other technology advancements, their initial developments are almost always disunited. Being one of the closest real-life examples of blockchain, blockchain games are sadly also very often isolated from each other. From characters to the game universe, cryptocurrency, or all other forms of the in-game systems, none are interconnected. This so-called “metaverse” has yet been so much of a “-verse” herself. But Metora is ready, ready to connect the unconnected, ready to create Metora’s version of Metaverse, and more importantly, share the ideas and facilitate the unifying of the real Metaverse.

The road ahead is tremendously difficult, and this is for everyone, so Metora brings in everyone. With the support and engagement of the community, this faith will show forth in front of everyone as one after another joyful, playful and interconnectable games.

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