Seasons and Leaderboards

A season unit is defined as a monthly period. Players are rewarded with a certain number of medals for winning. A certain number of medals are deducted for losing. At the end of each season, the system will rank players according to the number of medals.

Metora Cup Tournament

Every two months, a major tournament is held and the winner takes home a large prize pool.

In addition to this, the Fortune heroes series also has a number of special features.

Prize Pools

It is a sustainable reward to stimulate everyone. The prize pool has two sources of funds. While gamers earn a stable income with P2E mode, the platform will infuse a certain ratio of capitals into the pool at the same time; on the other hand, a portion of the token top-up and those users spent in-game will go to the same said pool.

To execute, raffle tickets will issue to those who are eligible, it is straightforward that the more tickets someone holds, the better chance of winning.

Collectible & Simulation

The game will be incorporated with some heavy RPG. This enhances the replayability of the game as well as user loyalty.

LBS-based Social Feature

The Find Nearby players feature allows you to interact with nearby players, chat, give gifts, and invite each other to play games together.

Noble Master

Every player is given a Master level. Players raise their Master level by rewarding other players with gifts to move up the Master Ranking.

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