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Horde of the Apocalypse is a free-to-play game. Players are not required to top-up nor purchase any NFT or crypto of any kind as prerequisites to begin or participate in the game. The model minimized operation risk by securing the scale of organic players and speeding up the community build-up process.


In-Game Activities


Daily Quests

Certain PvE criteria are incorporated in the Daily Quests, clearing them will be rewarded in $FEC on a daily basis.

Clan Mining

A reward scheme that encouraged social collaboration.

By becoming a member of any clan, players can choose to participate in various Clan Missions, and eventually contributed to the clan’s level. When a series of requirements such as the completion progress of Clan Missions, clan’s level, members’ active rate etc. are met, the time-sensitive $Mining Factory will then be available. Clan members shall fulfill the requirement continuously to guarantee the availability of the mine.

The $Mining Factory allows all Clan members to perform Clan Mining to obtain $FEC. However, other clans can attack while mining is taking place, the mining will be interrupted during the attacks, resume shall defend succeed and ceased when defeated.

Seasonal GvG

(Clan vs. Clan)

Leaderboard ranking reward.

Large scale inter-clans competition known as “Attack Castlevania” lasts approximately 15 days every once in a while. The system will identify and rank the clans and players by their contributions. Those among the top will be rewarded with $FEC and $IDVT.

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