Considering the IDV's games are mass market facing and web3 players welcomed, the IDV Passes cater for them both. Therefore, an all-time total supply is set to 10,000, which we believe is reasonable.

This said amount is split into three phases to fulfil the demand changes in different stages of IDV's development.

Phase 1 took up 30% of the total IDV Club Pass's amount, while partially released through OG and whitelist activities with time-limited discounts, the rest are for public sale. This phase is typically considered the general minting phase.

Phase 2 is equivalent to 30% of the total amount. These 3,000 Passes are more flexible but principally reserved for phase 1. They are to be released at a relatively later stage, to match the overall marketing activities. Since its nature is still a minting phase, a burn mechanism is employed to make sure the release of phase 2 has minimal effect on the Passes' economic cycle.

The remained Phase 3 occupied 40% of the total amount, and they are basically not for sale. Except for games' NFT airdrop is not available, all other rights and interests remain unchanged. Mostly distributed according to community or games achievement and contribution. Worth reminding that there are currently five games-releases in the pipeline until EoY of 2023. With other conditions including games progress, special events, investment and more, the average Passes' supply to each game and channel per year is at a balance of scarcity and demand-matching. IDV will decide its final go-to-market approach and might delegate a part of it to the DAO to decide.

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