About Ideaverse Games Studio

Invested by Metora, Ideaverse Games Studio (IDV) is a game developer that embraces the concept of DAO governance, aiming to develop top-notch blockchain games that are actually fun to play for everyone. Currently, IDV has already gathered a team of 60+ professionals recruited from all over the globe specializing in digital games and blockchain technology.

Ideaverse is dedicated to providing high-quality and highly playable games, its first two productions are already under internal testing.

Horde of the Apocalypse (HOTA), the debut of Ideaverse puts GameFi to a whole new level with a 1.5-year-long development cycle, IDV has already spent an enormous amount on HOTA like no previous GameFi projects could compare. The extensive gaming experience is coming to the mass market as a closed beta in 2022 Q4.

While HOTA will come with a sequel in 2023, another series-game will join the product shelf with HOTA in 2022 Q4. Instead of a heavily-time-devotion-required game, the Fortune Heroes series is more of a casual game. If you have any fortune, you will earn a fortune in the social-oriented + competition + luck-depended games. The first launching mode is a monopoly-style board game, then a hold 'em poker, and more would come. All of these modes and the series' sequel share the same worldview, character and economic models and even maps, while they now have true values, players will finally be joining a connected game metaverse.

Vision statement

“Play Beyond Fun”

Ideaverse Game Studio adopts the “Play Beyond Fun” philosophy. Integrated with blockchain applications as the infrastructure. IDV is dedicated to providing users with not only unique but also sustainable and ever-improving gaming experiences, while allowing them to manage their cryptoassets simultaneously in the safest possible manner.

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