All Fortune Heroes games will use a unified economic model, like other IDV Studios games, uses an innovative quad-currency model in which the governing currency is $IDVT (IDVT holders participate directly in the governance of the community of all games developed by the studio) and the in-game currency is divided into the following three types, depending on their function:

$CHIPS and $LUCKYCOIN were introduced to meet the needs of traditional gamers in terms of consumption habits and gaming experience. This mechanic is the same model in other Fortune Heroes games outside of Monopoly, and the $FHC is circulated in different games in the series.


Representative of the purchasing power of fiat currency, which users must top up to obtain (fiat currency or mainstream stablecoin). This currency is not on the chain, does not participate in circulation, and has a stable price.


Another in-game currency, which is also not on the chain and does not participate in circulation. $CHIPS can be exchanged for $LUCKYCOIN at a certain rate. $LUCKYCOIN is the main currency in circulation within the game.


Fungible token for P2E scenarios. $FHC is circulable and tradable. The total number of $FHC is 10 billion. $FHC does not participate in funding. It is a play-reward token that can only be earned by players who play the game. $FHC has a complete output and recovery economic model to ensure a balance between production and consumption in the long term and is not only game currency for all Fortune Heroes games but also a circulating token for a series of other subsequent games (which means more applications). Ideaverse will initially mint 100 million $FHC tokens and create $FHC-BNB trading pairs on DEX to provide liquidity.

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