Games Mode

The unified gamingology is simple, social-oriented + competitive + luck-depended. To enrich the game content and maximize fun, a diverse game modes are available. Gamers can become real fortune heroes and get thrilled by the teamwork and excitement of the fun of multiplayer battles.

Classic Matchup Mode

When a player starts a game, the system will randomly match the user with an equal opponent based on their experience, rank, winning rate, and other attributes.

Friendly Battle Mode

Instead of being randomly matched by the system, players can send invitations to their friends to play together. The Friendly Battle mode is one of the highlights of the Fortune Heroes games.

Competitive Battle Mode

To participate in the gaming game, players need to pay a certain number of game tokens for registration. At the end of the game, the winning player receives 95% of the losing player's entry fee, and the platform charges a 5% fee.

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