Community Development and Incentives

The idea is all actions that bring positive effects to the DAO of any form will be rewarded. So, no one gets left behind, and every contribution counts.

Metora and Ideaverse Game Studio have repeatedly stated the importance of community contribution. Despite the forms of rewards yet being finalized, IDV has prewritten the rewarding scheme to make sure the hard work of the initial founding of the Ideaverse DAO won’t be unsung for. Because it is based on the contributive effect, these incentives function as a catalyst to motivate everyone trying to participate, even on those matters that might traditionally be seen as trivial, so do the big thing if you can, otherwise just leave a comment, literally, because it counts too.

Business planning, consultations, friend invitations, promotions and marketing, content development, technical support, and community service are some classic samples of contributions, and they are definitely being rewarded. On the other hand, actions like high engagement in games, constructive comments, and advice are also counted. The contribution type is actively being updated along with the DAO operation.

Developing UGC (user-generated content) is highly encouraged. IDV considers content generated by users as one of the essential elements of any community. Members are welcome to share any of their UGC related to the games on various platforms. Content, for instance, can be gaming strategy, a piece of game wiki, experience sharing, guides, reviews, live broadcasting, et cetera.

The offering of rewards directly responds to all token holders in their most genuine interest.

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